Critical Turning Point in Cosmetology The Failure of the Entire US Disinfection protocols: The Politics of Disinfection

After sounding the alarm for nearly 20 years to cosmetology boards through testimony, lectures, MediNail Online Training and the book, Death By Pedicure, now for the first time, The City of Boston and Dudley Massachusetts Public Health Department and the Iowa Cosmetology State Boards has finally taken on the responsibility of mandating autoclaving for all nail salons in these respective service areas. This is the first national MediNail webinar specifically devoted to standardizing and upgrading all US salons to implement autoclave sterilization of all instrumentation for the US nail technician industry. This MediNail lecture series will dispel the notion “cold sterilization” or “simple disinfection” protocols are “safe” . The information will expose the” dirty secrets” of potential and actual health problems that cosmetology boards, cosmetology schools, federal institutional guidelines and the EPA have managed to collectively confound the public for decades. I will address 10 (ten) focused concerns on sterility with unique concepts, simple solutions and new options for the nail technicians to quickly adopt and ultimately improve the professional delivery of their services to further protect the public from salon infections. These MediNail sterility concepts are the most comprehensive and are based on CDC recommendations as well as those developed from 20 years of a niche podiatric medical practice. Part 1 of 3 parts *Updated with information on multiple disinfectants:

Part one is Critical Turning Point in Cosmetology The Failure of the Entire US Disinfection protocols: The Politics of Disinfection

Part two is Critical Turning Point in Cosmetology The Failure of the Entire US Disinfection protocols: Five Fecal Facts on Feet (and Hands)

Part Three is Critical Turning Point in Cosmetology The Failure of the Entire US Disinfection protocols: Disposable Solutions for Infection Prevention and The MediNail Salon Injury Waiver

This module is for certified MediNail ANT and/or MNTs and discusses the OnychoTest Training.

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Aseptic Efile Profiles Practical– Module 2, Course Fees:

  • Non MediNail Graduates: $99.00
  • Medinail Graduates: $50.00 

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