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Use this resource to learn about the Medinail Learning Center programs and certifications.

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The Medinail Learning Center (MLC) was founded by nail industry and foot care specialist Robert Spalding, DPM, a professional committed to the advancement and empowerment of his profession. (For more about his background, see Faculty.)

MLC’s goals are to develop mastery of knowledge and skills, to promote safe delivery of effective services, and to establish collaborative partnering with the medical and other communities.

Medinail Learning Center provides courses for Four groups of foot care professionals: Nail Technicians, Podiatry Assistants, Medical Assistants and Foot Care Nurses.

Nail Technicians! The nail technician courses on are designed especially for the licensed nail professional who is seeking to attain a higher level of success by transitioning into exciting new levels of care.

These courses enhance the knowledge and skills of nail technicians in addition to adding potentials for expansion of their success and career possibilities. Incorporating this information into their business brings nail technicians to a new and higher level of expertise and success in their profession, a level never before achieved.

Two courses are available for Nail Technicians:


Podiatric Assistants! Few structured courses are available for Podiatry Assistants and many podiatrists and assistants have requested a Certification course that provides a solid basis of practical information for working assistants.


Medical Assistants! The Clinical Podiatry Medical Assistant Program is available to Medical Assistants who wish to expand their current information to include foot care knowledge. Medical Assistants tell us that their prior training “stops at the ankles” and that this program provides the information they need to successfully work more effectively in long term care, podiatry offices and clinics. This program is credentialed by the American College of Medical Foot Care and Esthetics (, a national educational association of podiatrists, allied health professionals and MediNail Learning Center (MLC)s.

For information on the courses, contact Dr. Spalding or Sheryl Morgan the MediNail Administrator/coordinator at or call 423-805-7966.

The videos below are for Aspen Laser Therapy:

The authors, owners, and faculty of the Medinail Learning Center courses are respected educators and professionals who care about the nail industry and its technicians.

Dr. Robert Spalding


Dr.Spalding, is the president and original founder of Medinail Learning Center (MLC) in 2006 as well as the author of the Medical Nail Technician Program and a board-certified podiatry practitioner (DPM) with a busy practice in Chattanooga, TN. He is a Certified Forensic Podiatrist and the author of several books, among them Death by Pedicure ©2006 (for consumers) and The Science of Pedicures (for nail technicians). These books provide the foundation for MLC and the Medical Nail Technician Certification (MNT) and the Medinail Advanced Nail Technologist Course (M-ANT) certification.

The cases in which he was a forensic specialist against salon infections usually were based on preventable injuries caused by improper infection control during nail services. But rather than becoming negative about the industry, he began a campaign toward educating nail professionals in safe practices that prevent harm to their clients. His proactive support of nail technicians is shown in his activities as a previous member of the board of the International Pedicure Association and the Infection Control Committee for Cengage Publishing. Dr Spalding is also the creator of, co-creator of, and has contributed numerous articles to podiatric and salon based magazines.

He is a member of the APMA, the ACFAOM and the ABPMS. He lectures yearly at multiple nail professional venues and podiatry conferences. As a result of Dr Spalding’s efforts, MLC’s Medical Nail Technicians course is now is the only nail technician course that has been recognized by the American College of Foot and Ankle Orthopedics and Medicine or

The MLC M-ANT and MNT courses* are a result of his passion against fungal infections being transferred to clients in nail salons, his hope that clients will be able to purchase safe services, and his desire to see nail technicians enjoy enhanced success directly through the upgrading of their safety techniques and skills. For more information concerning Dr. Spalding’s background, see and

Athena Elliot

AthenA Elliott is VP of the Medinail Learning Center & Co-creator of Safe Salon Rating phone app. An industry veteran with over 39 years of experience, best known for leading the nail industry in top-level infection control since 1996. Industry consultant, undercover specialist for "ABC 20/20" and expert witness for nail salon infections lawsuits. All roads lead to nails for Elliott. Creator of Nail Talk Radio, dedicated to the nail profession since 2010, VP of MediNail Learning Center, and co-creator of the consumer-driven “Safe Salon Rating” website as seen on The Dr. Oz Show. Elliott brings both her industry experience and intense passion for everything industry related. LCN’s lead National Barefoot Trainer for cosmetic toenail restoration, award-winning, cover tech, and creator of a nails-only trade shows Best Nail Shows in Texas and Vegas, Elliott is a respected leader in the industry.

Currently named one of "35 Nail Techs Who Changed The Industry", 98' "Nail Tech of the Year" and "Top 50 Most Influential Nail Techs" in The Nail Industry by Nails Magazine.

*The M-ANT, MNT and CCPMA courses are not licensed by any states to allow for advanced procedures not authorized by the states in which nail technicians hold their licenses but merely represent academic exposure to safe practices that enhance the safety of clients who visit nail salons. MNT and CCPMA certification only gives additional medical information to make it easier for nail techs to transition to work under the direct supervision of podiatrists and other physician’s licenses. MLC training generally exceeds the basic infection standards taught in cosmetology books and exceeds the standards of most basic state board requirements to operate a salon.


Bree Wright

Bree Wright, RN, CFCN, owner of Heel Your Sole Foot Care, is an advanced foot care nurse with 20 years of experience and the Provincial Advisor for Saskatchewan for the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses.

She currently runs a successful nursing foot care business that includes many foot care clinics in the Moose Jaw and Regina areas.

She is also the lead instructor for the Advanced Nursing Foot Care Course her company offers along with several educational workshops for foot care providers.

Questions for Bree?


Robert Spalding, DPM
President & Founder of MediNails

The Area Podiatry Centers were started in 1998 by Dr. Spalding. Dr. Spalding focuses primarily on nail related disorders such as nail fungus and is the first podiatrist in the southeast to use a laser for fungal nail problems and offer the most comprehensive nail care services in the area.

As founder of, he has developed many training programs for physicians, podiatric assistants and Nail Technicians through his online training programs.

He is the author of ‘Death By Pedicure’ Dr. Spalding also has manufactured many foot care products such as an enhanced nail polish line found on his site.

Athena Elliot, M-ANT, MNT, CCPMA
Vice President MediNails

AthenA Elliott is VP of the Medinail Learning Center & Co-creator of Safe Salon Rating phone app. She has been named “Nail Tech of the Year” by Nails Magazine along with numerous awards from other trade publications. To help spread the word about the dangers of unsanitary pedicures along with the extended health benefits of receiving a great pedicure, she contributed to “Death by Pedicure”with Dr. Robert Spalding.
Athena is the first Registered Medical Nail Technician and ACFAOM CCPMA in the US, and is a staunch advocate of Salon Safety.

She has been a guest on both ABC's 20/20, and the Dr.Oz Show, advocating for safe salons, educating consumers about how to choose a safe salon.

Erin Beckett-Gland, M-ANT, MNT, CCPMA
Medinail Advisory Board Member

Erin earned her Cosmetology license in California in 1996 and moved to the Kentucky/Tennessee area in 2005. She has brought 20 years of experience to the industry and continues to thirst for more education to be the best in her industry that she can. She is currently owner and sole operator of Nail Envi and has been for the past 6 years.
Erin is also a Certified Master Pedicurist, and working on finishing her Bachelor of Science in Podology This February 2017 through the NASP program.

She also is a member of the Professional Beauty Association, Associated Nail Professionals and International Pedicure Association. Staying in touch with this ever changing industry keeps her knowledge on the forefront of technology and updated information critical to servicing her clients and educating the consumer in how to be aware and stay safe and healthy while receiving services.

Lisa Ann Bowles, M-ANT
Medinail Advisory Board Member

Lisa Ann Bowles brings over two decades of experience as a licensed professional in the beauty industry and is a leading expert and crusader in exposing the hidden dangers of the nail care industry.

In the past two decades she has worked with ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX News, local radio stations and newspapers educating the public on how to avoid injury and illness when receiving manicures, pedicures and artificial nail care services.
Lisa Ann is also an industry educator, salon owner and the author of "Nail Care Nightmares; the Truth Behind the Beauty"

Lorri Ducharme, M-ANT
Medinail Advisory Board Member

Lorri Ducharme holds multiple professional licenses in cosmetology, nail technology and aesthetics and has taught both nail and skin care at a private beauty academy. She currently owns Prestige Salon, a full-service salon known for its safe practices.

As a member of the Massachusetts Healthy Cosmetology Committee, Lorri advocates to the State Board of Cosmetology for better working conditions in the salon industry. Her advocacy has been recognized with the 2016 Advanced Nail Tech Award presented by the MediNail

Victoria Lys Hunter, M-ANT
Medinail Advisory Board Member

Victoria earned her DEP in Cosmetology in 1989, and commenced pursuing Nail Technology full time in 2003. her career in Nails over 25yrs ago, in Quebec Canada. Only two provinces in Canada regulate the nail industry, and Quebec is not one of them. Once she learned of the gross differences between her abysmal education, and that of those outside her region, it was a kick to her pride. That kick fueled her passion to better educate herself, and to be pro-active in her fight to raise industry standards.

Victoria has earned multiple certifications since, seeking some of her education from outside of Canada, and is currently Famous Names Pro Educator, and Indepenant Educator; sharing her passion with others. In her efforts to raise standards and raise awareness among consumers, she has appeared on CTV news, and on K103 Radio. Victoria also founded the CATANSS group on Facebook to educate the public at large.

Terri Lundberg, M-ANT
Medinail Advisory Board Member

Terri brings more than 30 years of experience from many different roles in the nail industry. After many successful years in the salon, she became the National and International Education Director for Elegant Glass, teaching nail technicians around the world.

Teaching new nail technicians in school, has been very fulfilling, as she has seen many of her former students succeed in the industry. She then opened the Nail Technician Mentoring Institute, an advanced hands on academy in Minneapolis, MN.
Her passion for learning and teaching led her to Dr. Robert Spaulding and Medinail Learning Center where she became an M-ANT. Electric filing and Disinfection have been a main focus.

She has seen many changes in those 30 + years and is excited that we will see the biggest changes in the upcoming future.

Crystal Patton Pike
Medinail Advisory Board Member

Crystal Patton Pike became a nail technician in 2002 in Johnson City, TN. Now located in the Asheville, NC area, she is licensed in both TN and NC.
In 2014, Crystal enrolled in the Medinail Learning Center's ANT/MNT program. She now spends time each week as a MNT working in the Hedersonville, NC only Nail Spa within a podiatry office.

Once Crystal completed her Medical Nail Technician Certification, she set out to find the medical grade equipment required to improve sanitation, disinfection and sterilization techniques. It was difficult to locate these items and get answers to salon-specific questions. Some people in the medical field did not understand the need for these items in a salon. After taking the courses with Medinail Learning Center, she realized how important this is - not only for her clients but for herself as a nail technician.

With that, Safe Salon Supply, LLC was born - a comprehensive resource for salon professionals. Her mission is to make having exceedingly high standards easier for every salon that wants to show that they care about safety.

Sue Pimentel Furtado Lafferty M-ANT, MNT, CCPMA
Medinail Advisory Board Member

Sue has been licensed for 30 yrs, and opened her first salon in 1989 which she ran until December 1996 when she took a position with N.S.I. (Nail Systems International) in Pennsylvania. As the National Education Director for that company , she also handled some international assignments such as writing educational manuals for the U.K., Japan, Australia, Puerto Rico and New Zealand.

When Sue left Pennsylvania to return home, she worked for O.P.I. Corporation as an Account Executive covering all of the New England states teaching other salons and technicians the salon business.
Sue is LCN Barefoot Certified for nail corrections and prosthetics and she is MNT certified to work in a podiatry office by the American College of Foot & Ankle Orthopedics and Medicine. Sue shares her knowledge and expertise as an Educator and/or Instructor for both Beauty Schools and for LCN.

Sue currently runs Vogue Family Salon , consistently striving for higher education to share the knowledge with her students.

Vivian B. Valenty, Ph.D, B.S.
Medinail Advisory Board Member

As the eldest daughter of 6 children growing up in the Philippines. Vivian Valenty dreamed of being a doctor. However, inspired by her family’s use of herbs and plants in their garden as constituents of folklore medicine, she decided to become a chemist.

Always highly driven, in 1966 Dr. Valenty received a US travel grant to pursue a graduate degree in chemistry, and earned her Ph.D. in 1971. An opportunity to join GE as a product research chemist allowed her to hone her skills in product development, technical marketing and customer service.

In 1986 a new opportunity at GE facilitated the Valenty family’s relocation to Phoenix, AZ and 1989 brought Vivian’s first opportunity to develop a cosmetic product, resulting in a formula and patent for a clear nail top coat that dried wet polish in 3 minutes when exposed to UV Light.
Vivian’s most recent and passionate invention is the Dazzle Dry™ Natural Nail System.


Hiring a Medical Nail Technician, a state licensed nail technician or cosmetologist who is trained to trim toenails, reduce calluses and nail thickness, and perform cosmetic pedicures can enhance your income, relieve you of many non-invasive services, and bring in new patients.

Robert Spalding, DPM, treats many patients in his practice who have developed foot problems that likely have been caused by poor infection control in nail salons. Instead of condemning the technicians and industry, however, he began to train and advocate for their performance of good infection control practices. In doing so, he began to see the potential for having trained nail professionals in podiatry offices.

Nail technicians are licensed in every state to trim toenails, reduce calluses (without blades), reduce nail thickness and to recognize "out-of-normal" nails for referral to podiatrists. Nail Technicians can perform (cosmetic) pedicures in podiatry offices to reduce the routine foot care load for the physician.

The Medical Nail Technician Program of Medinail Learning Center is the result of Spalding's advocacy and it trains nail technicians in the skills and information to support them working safely and effectively in podiatry offices.

Following are some interesting materials to support the hiring of an MNT in a podiatry practice:

In Podiatry Today, Why You Should Add A Medical Nail Technician To Your Practice­, by Robert Spalding, DPM, VOLUME: 22 PUBLICATION DATE: Aug 01 2009, by Robert Spalding, DPM

This article discusses the benefits of hiring a Medical Nail Technician to counter the overwhelming amount of routine care in practices, to add cosmetic services for their at-risk patients, and to bring cash services into the practice.


“The following link is to a CDC study that provides support for keeping our patients out of  nail salons that hire many nail technicians that may or may not perform perfect infection control,” says Dr. Spalding. “For the safety of your patients, click on this link.”

 If you, a podiatrist and are interested in discussing this program,  call  423-805-7966

Customizable promotional materials such as a letter to send to your patients, sample ad and press release, post cards, and much more are available to Podiatrists who hire an MNT.

Want more training for your assistants? Check out the ACFAOM Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant Program

This Program provides important background and training for your Podiatry Assistant; this program brings her to an even higher level of competency in supporting you at the chair. The program is 10 modules of online information, plus a structured Internship that you can provide. It is credentialed by the American College of Foot and Ankle Orthopedics and Medicine (ACFAOM)

This program contains clinical, not office information. Modules such as Dermatology Diseases and Disorders, Biomechanics for the PMA and 8 other topics of information bring performance of podiatry assistants to the highest level possible, and allow them to support your success at the chair with ease.

For information, email or call 423-805-7966.

Medinail Learning Center (MLC) Programs are Intellectual Properties copyrighted by MLC and sold for use by a single purchaser. MLC retains ownership of the Programs and their contents. MLC adheres to the usual Intellectual Property Refund Policy: 

No refund is available after purchase. No exception.

For that reason, we ask all purchasers to be fully certain of their decision to purchase the programs before paying for the Programs. For further information, contact 423-805-7966 prior to paying the tuition. 

Site Requirements

Throughout the Medinail ANT and MNT modules you'll find dynamic, engaging and cutting edge content presented in an enjoyable, self-paced and interesting way. Many of the modules include video, narrated presentations and text-based activities such as quizzes. To ensure that your computer is set up for optimal viewing you may need to have the most up to date versions of the following software:

Additionally, we advise you to access this site from a computer with adequate internet service, we recommend DSL or faster. Dial-up internet service will not provide enough download speed to view videos and could possibly prevent viewing of presentations as well.

iPads and Tablets

Mobile viewing: At this time we do not recommend tablets or phones for taking the course material. We are working on a solution to enable access via HTML5, however for the time being the best experience will be through a laptop or desktop computer until further notice. Assessments and materials other than the presentations will work on mobile devices.

While the site is mobile-ready the module presentations are not. Taking the exams from a laptop or desktop computer is recommended.

Before contact technical support please be sure that your software has been upgraded as specified above and that you have an adequate internet connection. Only with the recommended software and internet will you be able to view our videos and presentations without incident.

This video highlights the several need to know aspects of completing modules on the Medinail Learning Center.

To get started just navigate back to the course and then click on any of the presentation titles (which each start with a number followed by the Module title).

All of our payments are processed by PayPal but you do not need to have a Paypal account to purchase; just click "Don't have a Paypal Account" and then fill out your credit card payment information just as you would on any other ecommerce site. Once processed you'll be automatically enrolled into your course(s) and returned to

Payment Plans are available through Paypal directly via their Bill Me Later program. You will need to register with Paypal and apply for approval in order to take advantage of this program.


Ready to enroll?

Scope of Practice Questions

Have a question about salon services you should or should not perform on a client, or a question about an infection problem that you don't know the answer to?

Text or email pictures to Dr. Spalding regarding a salon services or what to do if you get a infections problems call 423-805-7966 or email me


For pricing, becoming a registered school provider, or specific questions about content please contact Dr. Robert Spalding:


For questions concerning enrollment in and attending the Advanced Nail Technician Program and Medical Nail Technician, email or call 423-805-7966.

For information concerning the CCPMA and the participation of MNTs in podiatry offices, contact us at (423) 805-7966

Tech support

For technical support email

We are located in the Eastern Standard Time Zone and available from 9AM-9PM.

Mailing Location:

Medinails 1225 Taft Highway Signal Mountain, TN 37377

The goal of MLC is to provide comprehensive, practical and interesting information  that will enhance understanding and the performance of safe care for nail professionals while expanding their success. The following courses are currently available on this site:

The Certified MediNail-Advanced Nail Technologist™ (M-ANT) is an all new 15 module program for professionals who have completed advanced training in working aseptically with clients for their ultimate protection from the transfer of infection. The M-ANT course is for salon-based nail technicians working to be the best in their professions by studying online & on the go, on any device (tablet, computer, or phone). The program is also designed to train its graduates in attracting three new client groups who either have never been in the salon, have been told by their physician not  to have services in salons, or have ceased having services due to adverse attention in the media.

To see descriptions of the courses in the Certified MediNail-Advanced Nail Technologist™ (M-ANT), click here.

The Medical Nail Technician™ Program requires a pre-requisite certification as an ANT. The MNT Program is all online and contains 10  modules and two exams It also requires an Internship with an a podiatrist (5 days/40 hours).

This Program is designed to expand opportunities for the licensed nail technician or cosmetologist by preparing them in the appropriate skills and support information for working safely in a podiatrist’s office, physician’s office, medical spa, or foot spa. For more information, see here.

The Clinical Podiatry Medical Assistant™ Program provides a background in podiatry for podiatric and medical assistants and is designed to bring their chair side skills to  a higher level. This program contains no office training; it is strictly information to support assistants working chair side. For more information, see Info for Podiatrists. It also provides proof, through certification, that the PMA has studied and passed a course containing all the basic information needed to work safely with the podiatrist in a Podiatry office!

This course is credentialed by the American College of Foot and Ankle Orthopedics and Medicine (ACFAOM), an affiliate of the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Click here for more information about the PMA Program

Additional Opportunities:

Developing a Cosmetic Podiatry Practice is a course available for Podiatrists who hire an MNT and who want to develop a successful cosmetic pedicure department. It provides information on how to set up the area, products to purchase, the services to provide and much more. Marketing is also an important topic offered as well as methods to find and hire an MNT and other valuable information needed for success in this new venue. 

This course will reduce the stress of the set up of a room in your practice for a nail technician and will move your cosmetic podiatry practice forward quickly. This course is available only to podiatrists who intend to hire a Medical Nail Technician.

If you are interested in this program and in hiring an MNT to work in your practice, contact 423-805-7966.

A Certified MediNail-Advanced Nail Technologist™ (M-ANT) is a state licensed nail technician or other licensed professional who has completed advanced training in working aseptically with clients for their ultimate protection from the transfer of infection. The M-ANT course was originally and specially developed for salon-based nail technicians preparing them to work with and attract new groups of clients who require a special touch, and to acquire client referrals from physicians and podiatrists. The M-ANT is now additionally designed for introductory training of some medical professionals. The M-ANT certification requires the completion of 15 Modules of online-only information and an online exam before the Certificate is awarded.

The M-ANT Program educates the nail professional in the following:

Physician Directed and Medically Proven Preventive Aseptic Techniques
Autoclave Sterilization of Metal Implements
Documentation and Proper Spore Testing of Autoclaves
Protocols to become a Nationally Rated Safe Salon or Medical Spa
Foot Health Evaluation Knowledge and Exam
Recognition (not diagnosis) of Foot Conditions
Advanced Dermatology of the Feet
Emerging and Evolving Microbes
Marketing Materials for Building Special Referral Relationships with Podiatrists /Physicians
Marketing Techniques and Materials for Salons/Spas to Attract New Groups of Clients
Precautions in Pedicures on Diabetics and other chronically ill or At Risk Clients (ARC) by a practicing podiatrist
Updates and Ongoing Future Development of Advanced Protocols with Dr. Robert Spalding

Reasons to become certified by the MediNail Advanced Nail Technologist (M-ANT) online training program:

The bundled course includes enrollment in the Medical Nail Technician certification course as well.

Additional M-ANT benefits

MediNail Learning Center (MLC) gives you the most advanced training and ROI (return on your investment) of any the courses available in the US or internationally.

The M-ANT course is developed for advanced certification for Licensed Nail Technicians and Nail Technologists (NT), Foot Care Nurses (FCN), Family Nurse Practitioners (FNP), Physician Assistants (PA), Registered nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), Podiatric Medical Assistants (PMA), Medical Assistants (MA), and other newly emerging Foot Care Technicians (FCT).

The MediNail Advanced Nail Technologist (M-ANT) course includes the following modules:

  1. Module 1 The Nail Salon Crisis Leading to Salon Lawsuits

  2. Module 2 Salon Micro Trauma™ (SMT)

  3. Module 3 How OSHA Applies to your Salon

  4. Module 4 Super Charge Your Infection Control Part 1

  5. Module 5 Super Charge Your Infection Control Part 2

  6. Module 6 Diseases and Disorders of the Feet

  7. Module 7 The Answers: Autoclave for Sterilization, Standard (Universal) Precautions and Aseptic Care

  8. Module 8 Pedicures on at Risk Clients (not patients)

  9. Module 9 To Pedicure or Not to Pedicure

  10. Module 10 The Science of Pedicures

  11. Module 11 Nail Techs Saving Lives: Defusing the Time Bombs in Salon Training Module

  12. 12 Scope of Practice Issues and Written Referrals to Physicians

  13. Module 13 Chemicals and Dangers in the Salon

  14. Module 14 Marketing of Your Salon and Safe Salon Rating

  15. Module 15 Resources and Links 

Do you want MORE from your career?

MNT logoMore challenge?
More knowledge?
More Respect?

The Medical Nail Technician™ certification can give you that “MORE.” You can step up to an interesting and different level in your career, one not previously available to nail technicians.

Working in a podiatry office is a change of pace, a new opportunity, and an experience that expands the nail technician’s overall career possibilities in the industry he or she loves. However, many nail technicians who intend to stay in the salon setting take the MNT Program to advance their knowledge and to gain higher respect from their clients and podiatrists.

You will discover that podiatrists need Medical Nail Technicians™ in their offices. They appreciate this trained MNT’s skills while their patients appreciate their comfort care and services. Other technicians do not want to work in a physician’s office but want the knowledge this level of information provides concerning their clients and the respect it provides in marketing for referrals from podiatrists and physicians.

Who is the MNT™?

The Certified Medical Nail Technician™ (CMNT) is a state licensed nail technician or cosmetologist that has completed the Advanced Nail Technician Certification and then ten more modules of additional Medical Nail Technician training, the relevant exams and an Internship to prepare to work for a Podiatrist or other physicians.

The CMNT performs safe cosmetic pedicures on patients in a licensed salon room in the practice and assists the physician in his/her podiatry practice. The podiatrist markets the nail technician’s cosmetic services to the practice patients and the public.

After completing the online MNT Program and passing the exams, the technician experiences a five day/40 hour Internship under the direction of a Podiatrist or other physician to learn the practical skills needed for working in a medical office.   If needed, Medinail Learning Center aids the technician in in finding a Podiatrist who will provide this training.


Tuition for the Medical Nail Technician Program is currently only $259.00 and is paid online by clicking on enroll below. Payment plans are available only through Paypal. Click here to learn more about the enrollment and payment process and the payment plan available through

Please note that the MNT must be taken in sequence after the M-ANT has been completed.

Still have questions? Find answers in the Frequently Asked Questions page for the MNT.

Are you a Podiatrist? Click here to read more about how the MNT can help your practice.

For more information, call 423-805-7966 9AM-6PM EST

Note: Persons with felony convictions will not be hired for positions in medical offices due to the presence of pharmaceuticals.


ACMFCE Certified Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant Program

Podiatry Assistants are valuable and necessary support for the podiatrist in a podiatry office. Assistants are taught the “how-tos” of working as a member of the team with the podiatrist. They are the third and fourth hands of the podiatrist when working with patients. Now they have an opportunity to learn important clinical background information that will bring them to a higher level of clinical expertise in performing their jobs.

The ACMFCE Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant Certification Program (CCPMA)

Are you a podiatrist who would appreciate a higher level of knowledge and clinical skills for your Assistant? Do you hire Medical Assistants that do not have the important information for working with podiatric patients? If so, this program is for your Assistant.

This program consists of ten online learning modules (audio and visual) with online exams after the third and the final modules. After passing the exams, an Internship in a licensed podiatrist’s office is required and usually provided by the student’s employer podiatrist. On receiving verification that the student has had instruction on particular skills and finished the Internship program, a Certificate is awarded and sent to the new Certified Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant (CCPMA) by The American College of Medical Foot Care & Esthetics (ACMFCE).

The American College of Medical Foot Care & Esthetics (ACMFCE) is a professional society of multidisciplinary licensed doctors, health care professionals, esthetic professionals, foot care manufactures and foot care educators dedicated to excellence in medical and esthetic foot care as the cornerstone of contemporary professional practices. The College has reviewed all aspects of the Medinail Learning Center’s training program for podiatric medical assistants and has adopted this program as its own certification program for Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistants. The ACMFCE Board of Directors oversees the education of clinical podiatric medical assistants through the Medinail Learning Center and constantly monitors its educational quality, creates the required examinations, and issues its own certificate to candidates who have proven fulfillment of the requirements.

The program is purchased online for $749.00. A $150 fee discount is available for Assistants taking this course if they are sponsored by an ACMFCE member.


Podiatry Assistants

Are you an assistant to a podiatrist? If you are a new assistant, this program will provide you the needed background knowledge for working with patients plus provide the information to support your learning of the skills needed to work safely with a podiatrist.

If you are already a trained Podiatry Assistant, this program will provide you the information you need to support the work you perform, setting you at a higher level of knowledge. After you take this course you will understand patient conditions more completely, perform routine foot care under the direction of a podiatrist, perform a superior level of infection control, and feel more confident in your work. Also, you will have a displayable Certificate awarded by a prestigious national podiatric medical society to confirm you have studied and been tested on advanced information in a specially designed program for Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistants.

Medical Assistants

Are you a Certified Medical Assistant working for a podiatrist and have found that your education does not include sufficient information concerning working with the feet? This course will provide you with the expanded information you need when performing patient foot care and increase your value to your employing Podiatrist.


Tuition for the Certified Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant (CCPMA) Program is $599 and is paid online by clicking on enroll below. Payment plans are available only through Paypal. 

The Certified Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant (CCPMA) Program provides proof, through the certification process, that the assistant has studied and passed a course containing the professional information needed to work in a clinical assisting (not administrative assisting) role in a podiatry office!

For information about ACMFCE and its partnership with MLC for the CCPMA program go to For questions, contact the ACMFCE at (423)805-7966.

Brought to you by MediNails Learning Center, Presenting the ACMFCE Certified Clinical Foot Care Nurse Program

Foot Care Nurses are a valuable and necessary medical support for the podiatrist in a podiatry office. With this training RNs have an opportunity to learn important clinical skills that will bring them to a higher level of clinical expertise in performing routine foot care in the podiatric setting.

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Dr Robert Spalding, CEO of MediNail Inc, Author of Death By Pedicure and owner of Area Podiatry Inc near Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Bree Wright RN, CFCN, Provincial Advisor for Saskatchewan for the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses (CAFCN)
The MediNail foot care nursing (FCN) program is a 15-module online course involving both theoretical instruction and Virtual Internship Program (VIP) clinical-observation.

The following topics will be addressed regarding foot health:

At the completion of this course, the nurses will be able to obtain consent and pertinent medical history. They will be able to perform a physical assessment of the lower limbs and feet, a risk assessment of the lower limbs and feet, and do sensory testing for peripheral neuropathy of the feet. They will be able to identify educational deficits and provide patient-specific knowledge related to foot care. The nurses will be able to demonstrate the safe use of foot care tools (nippers, splitters, scissors, curette, blacks file, diamond deb file, monofilament, and rotary instrument) in order to provide safe, appropriate foot care. The nurses will also be able to explain the current evidence-based technologies in order to provide safe and effective foot care.

The MediNail Online FCN training is available 24/7 for your convenience or work schedule and is the most complete online FCN course in the US. Graduates of the FCN Course are certified by MediNail and the American College of Medical Foot Care & Esthetics ( This provider is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider # ____, for 20 Contact hours.


*All sales are final upon completion of purchase

Contact Information

Contact Dr. Robert Spalding at or Sheryl at or call 423-805-7966 for more information on US FCN program enrollment questions.

Advanced Nail Technicians (ANTs), Medical Nail Technicians (MNTs), CCPMAs and Foot Care Nurses (FCNs)

MediNails is extremely proud to introduce 12 MediNail Master’s Certification Program Course Modules for graduates of the MediNail Advanced Nail Technologist (ANT), Medical Nail Technicians (MNTs), Clinical Certified Podiatric Medical Assistants (CCPMAs), and even for continuing education (CE) for Foot Care Nurses (FCNs)

The 12 courses include 3 new Certification Modules including the New MediNail Skin Care Module for Chemotherapy Clients/Patients, the new PodoExpert Certification Module, and the new Onfix certification course. There are 9 additional modules that cover all the new information from How to COVID 19 Proof Your Salon or Medical Facility to behind the scene information on what is exploding with current nail salon lawsuits. All 12 modules for just $99 dollars.

The MediNail Master series will greatly improve your ability to manage a salon or medical high-risk clients, share information on how to safely provide your services better, help protect the earth's valuable resource water systems using stronger but safer disinfection options and expand your marketing knowledge for serving the public in a manner befitting of an expert.

Below is a list of the 12 MediNail Master Nail Technician modules.

  1. Skin Care for Chemotherapy Patients with High-Risk Patient Video Nail Infection (certification test is available)
  2. Podo Expert Certification (with exam)
  3. OnyFix Certification Pretest (with exam)
  4. The Deception in Disinfection, HOCL the New Disinfectant/Antiseptic Solution for Salons
  5. COVID 19 issues and Ventilation Solutions
  6. 5 Fecal Facts on Feet
  7. Why QUATs Don’t Work and Pollute
  8. The Reasons for Higher Standards
  9. MediNail Electric File Course for Nail Techs and CCPMAs
  10. 50 Reasons for Disposable nippers
  11. Neuropathy for the Nail Technician and CCPMA
  12. Nail Salon Lawsuits and How to Prevent Legal problems

Plus, MediNail will add our Five Star Safe Salon Certification to this $99 package and you cant get a better deal anywhere.

Benefit: ALL MediNail Masters Course are approved by the American College of Medical Foot Care & Esthetics (

Now all MediNail ANTs, MNTs, CCPMAs, and FCNs have an opportunity to learn important clinical background information that will expand ANTs safety in the salon and MNTs, CCPMAs and FCNs to a higher level of clinical expertise in assisting performing routine foot care in the podiatric setting.

The MediNail Masters Class is also now open to non-MediNail graduates to benefit them as well, but only MediNail trained personal can get certified in the Chemotherapy Module with an exam. However, non MediNail graduates can be certified in the PodoExpert and Onyfix certification classes at anytime.

If you attended any Online MediNail Foot Care Safety Summits in 2016, 2018, or 2020 you may have seen the following courses in the past and Nail Technicians are always asking for more training are in demand.

I look forward to your comments, feedback, and stories on how these modules radically change how you practice as a Foot Care Professional.

medinail virtual internship program logoThe MediNail Virtual Internship Program (VIP) is the answer to all the MNTs and CCPMAs and FCNs who need a week internship with a podiatrist to complete their certification. This does not substitute for hands on training with a local podiatrist to develop referral relationship but offers exposure to those topics required for completing your MNT, CCPMA or FCN certifications so that you may move forward with seeking employment opportunities with a podiatrist or other medical facility.

The exclusive MediNail VIP program is HIPAA compliant and approved through the American College of Medical Foot Care and Esthetics ( and available for those MediNail MNTs, CCPMA or FCNs who have not been able to obtain local internships with podiatrists in your area due to COVID 19, financial hardships to travel or take time off work.

The cost of the virtual 5-day internship course is only $299. If you factor the cost of taking a week off work, travel, food, and lodging you are saving nearly $2000 dollars. You will be exposed to the same patient base and information as if you were present for a weeklong internship rotation in Dr. Spalding’s office with focused observational exposure to patient contact highlighting the most important routine foot care topics.

You will see the newest equipment with the newest techniques to fight COVID 19 and observe numerous types of foot care procedures with best practices for safely delivering routine foot care and virtually participating with Dr. Spalding's specialized medical expertise in other categories of foot care.

The MediNail VIP training again is another first for MediNails as the first and original educational company to have brought advanced online routine foot care training to Nail Technicians (M-ANTs & MNTs, Clinically Certified Podiatric Medical Assistants (CCPMAs) and now, Foot Care Nurses (FCNs).

I know you will find this VIP program highly informative and look forward to your feedback as the VIP program goes forward so we can add more content upon request to satisfy your level of future expectations. This program should exceed your belief that a virtual program can meet your education in routine foot care training.

Contact us for discounts for multiple orders, schools, or multiple employee licenses

FAQs Medical Nail Technician Program

MNT logoWhat are the prerequisites for taking the MNT Program? The student must be a licensed nail technician or cosmetologist prior to purchasing the program and have taken the Advanced Nail Technician Program either in the purchased ANT/MNT Program or individually as the ANT Program. We allow other individuals to take the ANT/MNT programs but unless you are a licensed nail tech you may have to be certified with an alternate title.

Describe the MNT program. The MNT program is a self-paced, online program packaged for sale with the prerequisite ANT program or purchased individually after taking the ANT certification. The MNT Package is 10 modules of the ANT and 10 modules of MNT information. It requires passing of required MNT exams (2), and the accomplishment of an Internship prior to certification. The program can also be purchased individually after passing the ANT by calling 423-805-7966.

How long does it take to finish the MNT? The time depends on

  1. the student’s computer and internet capabilities,
  2. the time available to the student to spend on the program,
  3. the commitment of the student, and
  4. the accomplishment of the Internship.

The average time is 1.5-2.5 months plus the Internship. Many have taken it in less time; others have taken longer.

What does “self-paced” mean? A self-paced program is taken at times chosen by the student. Length of attendance of each module is also the decision of the student. No specific requirements are set for attendance except for the restriction to six months for completion. This restriction is imposed by the software, not MLC. If longer time is required, if or after being shut out, call 423-805-7966 for guaranteed reimbursement.

Can a nail technician that is working full time and has additional responsibilities take the program and finish? Most of our students fit these criteria and still accomplish the program due to their commitment to their goals. Conversely, it seems those who have few responsibilities take the longest to finish the program.

How difficult is the program? This program is NOT an academic program, it is an awareness program. We did not design this program for memorization of facts to be tested on and then forgotten. We intend to change your professional practices and awareness and professionalism, not put un-usable words and skills into your head. For these reasons, we do not have a set time for finishing, allow unlimited time for taking the online exam, provide Study Questions, and focus the questions on usable information. Any difficulty is easily countered by a commitment to the program, we are told. Also, it is said by students that those who take the program within a shorter amount of time and complete the Study Questions do best in passing the exams.

How do I sign up for the MNT? Click on “Enroll,” or “Purchase the Program” and you will be sent to the payment location to pay for the program. To purchase the MNT, you must enroll from an MNT page or take the ANT first and then call 423-805-7966 for a separate invoice for the MNT-only modules.

What is the tuition for the MNT? The bundled ANT/MNT program tuition retails at $598.00 but MediNails runs specials from time to time. The MNT if taken separately after first purchasing and taking the ANT, the tuition is $320.

Is there a payment plan for the course(s)? Yes. After clicking on Enroll or Purchase the Program on the site, you will be directed to a location for full payment of that program or are able to sign up for the payment plan.

I  am a certified ANT and have decided I would like to take the MNT also. Can I purchase the MNT modules to complete the CMNT Program? Yes, you can, but we do not sell the MNT modules separately online. To purchase them call 423-805-7966. You will then be invoiced for the remainder of the ANT/MNT Package tuition and you can proceed to pay it just as you did before with the ANT Program.

Is there a textbook required for the MNT program? No.

What do I tell a person inquiring about the MNT Certification? “A Medical Nail Technician is a licensed nail technician who has completed advanced training in techniques to perform cosmetic pedicures safely on clients who are chronically ill. The Certified MNT or CMNT must work under the direction of a podiatrist or in a medical facility and cannot practice medical services procedures in a salon.”

Does the Internship have to be done in one week/five days? It can be one day a week until the 40 hours are completed, one five-day week, or any configuration the technician can arrange with the podiatrist. It is the intern’s responsibility to negotiate the schedule requirements with the podiatrist. However, the New    Virtual Internship Program (VIP) is now available for those MNTs interns who cannot find or afford the travel expenses or income loss for a week. Contact Dr. Spalding or Sheryl Morgan directly, if that is what is desired at or Sheryl Morgan the MediNail Administrator/coordinator at or call 423-805-7966. The VIP is located on this site for purchase and immediate enrollment to complete your MNT certification requirement for an internship.    

Am I paid during the Internship? No.

Who is responsible for my getting an Internship? MLC strongly supports and highly recommends the future MNT acquiring an internship with a local podiatrist in their immediate area for their Internship through mentoring and guidance in development of a presentation package to take to the offices. We want you to develop a local relationship with a podiatrist to refer to and receive referrals. A module on how to acquire an Internship is at the end of the ANT program (Module 11, Internship Information) and explains the steps towards getting an Internship. It has produced results for the graduates universally. If an MNT wishes, Dr. Spalding is available for an MNT to have an Internship experience in his office or take advantage of the new Virtual Internship Program (VIP) that is now available for those MNTs interns who cannot find or afford the travel expenses or income loss for a week. Contact him directly, if that is what is desired, at or Sheryl Morgan the MediNail Administrator and coordinator at or call 423-805-7966. The VIP is located on this site for purchase and immediate enrollment to complete your MNT certification requirement for an internship.  

After I finish the program, when do I get my MNT certificate? The MNT certificate and the pin are sent to the student only after: he/she passes the exams, the Internship is finished, and the Skill Log is sent to a listed email to signify completion of an Internship, and the $15 Certification/Scope of Practice Fee is invoiced and paid on the web site. Certificates are not automatically sent following the program until all information is received at the designated email address (

Is a Job Board available for graduates? Yes, the tab is on the home page. Both ANTs and MNTs can sign up to seek employment; salons, spas, physicians, and clinics can sign up to seek an employee, also.

Are there other opportunities for our graduates than those mentioned in the program? We are hearing of more opportunities every day for our MNTs. Physicians working with diabetics or other chronically ill patients become interested in hiring our graduates after they learn of their capabilities; specialists such as dermatologists, diabetic specialty clinics and others are interested in our graduates. Hospital diabetic and podiatry clinics are hiring our MNTs for their foot care clinics. Nursing homes and geriatric centers advertise for our graduates. We suggest the MNTs take their presentation to those for whom they wish to work and educate them on the work they can do for them and their patients.

Why is this certification of a higher caliber than most? A high-level certification contains

  1. knowledge acquired in a structured educational program,
  2. includes exams for confirmation of learning,
  3. if a skill is involved, it includes extended hands-on experience, such as a structured Internship Program
  4. has an available endorsement by a recognized and respected professional organization.

The Medical Nail Technician Program accomplishes all these requirements for certifying nail technicians to accomplish the skills important for working with patients/physicians.

The MNT graduate can apply through reciprocity for the ACMFCE Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant Certificate after completing the program.

Who is the ACMFCE? The American College of Medical Foot Care and Esthetics ( is a national academic society of Podiatrists, MDs, DOs and other health professionals who advocate Higher National Standards for routine foot care. The graduate MNT is eligible through application for the Certified Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant program or CCPMA. The CCPMA program does not have to be purchased or attended because the information for that credential is recognized by the ACMFCE as being in the MNT program. The difference lies in the addition of cosmetic information to the Certified Medical Nail Technicians program or C-MNT. For information, see

How do I acquire the additional certification by the ACMFCE? Go to the CCPMA page to learn more. Apply for the CCPMA certificate, as instructed. You will be directed to send them your signed Skill Log to prove an Internship or sign up for the Virtual Internship Program (VIP) and pay for the application and then take a 20-question bridge exam - the MNT Program contains the information. Upon passing the exam, the Certified Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant (CCPMA) certificate will be awarded.

We understand that you may have many more questions. If so call 423-805-7966.

Dionnie "Dee" Walker
Thank you for the amazing program...The training program is remarkable and highly recommended for every Nail Tech to upgrade their skills. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to be trained at Dr. Robert Spalding's headquarters. His staff is unified and supportive!

Dionnie "Dee" Walker, M-ANT, MNT, CCPMA, Clarksville, TN

Allison Nachman
Thank you!!!! Great stuff!!!!! I am so excited that falling asleep at night has been difficult. I cannot thank you and Dr S enough for developing this program so that I could have a new career. I know it will work out to be a great success for me.
Allison Nachman, MNT,  East Brunswick, NJ

Clarise Moldawski

I feel so confident in my profession as a nail technician now that I have completed the Medical Nail Technician Program. I learned so much in this course and it has exceeded my expectations. The course provides important information nail technicians need to know but are not taught in school. The education I gained from this experience is crucial to my profession, I believe; I wish all nail technicians could enroll in it to improve their knowledge and expertise. I cannot thank you enough, Dr. Spalding, for giving me the necessary skills I needed to boost my career. I am extremely proud to say that I am a Medical Nail Technician.

Clerice Moldawski, ANT, CMNT, CPMA, North Myrtle Beach, SC

Carolina Craciun
Thank you so much for all the valuable information I've gotten while preparing for the certificate! It made me revise some of my practices and to tell you the truth, little bit paranoid :)
Carolina Craciun, ANT, Beacon Falls, CT

Claudia Cox
I would recommend this course to any nail tech. This was a turning point in my business. It provided me the ability to set myself apart from the typical nail salons in my area and I have the respect of podiatrists who now send me clients. Lots of clients. It’s been great for my career!
Claudia Cox, MNT, owner, Claudia's Nail Niche, Sebring, FL

Elizabeth Bechwith
Oh my gosh, I absolutely love the MNT. I get paid an hourly rate, I have full benefits, I get to assist the Dr.s on things that I would never have the opportunity to in the salon side of things, the Dr.’s have paid for my continuing education, and the best part of it all is that I never have to fight for a clientele. I was never financially secure in the salons because there is just too much competition.
Elizabeth Bechwith, MNT, Converse, TX

Julie Costello
I really appreciate everything you and Dr. Spalding are doing!! This information is so long overdue! It should be required for all nail tech's.
Julie Costello, ANT, MNT, CPMA, Monroe, MI

Karyn Jones
Thank you so much for the opportunity to take this course. I’m so excited and so happy with everything I’ve learned. Thanks for making and offering such a great course!
Karyn Jones, ANT, Peterborough, ON, Canada

Kelly Bertha
Very good information. The book and course have so much information and enlightened me on a lot that I was not doing. The courses really made a difference. I have not only learned this information but made changes in my salon. I have taken in consideration every technique used in these courses. There were many things taught that I feel the State Board should require as part of the rules and regulations.
Kelly Bertha, MNT, Goodwater, AL

Linda Clawson
The Medinail course has built my clientele by giving me credibility with podiatrists who now refer their patients to me. I learned how to build a relationship with podiatrists in the area in the course and how to recognize foot problems that need to be referred to them. My clients trust me more because of the knowledge I learned from the Medinails Advanced Nail Technician course.
Linda Clawson, MNT, Georgetown, TX, Helena’s DaySpa, Round Rock, TX

Louise Boyd
Thanks again for all your help, this has been a wonderful opportunity & has certainly started me off on a very rewarding new career path. I am very excited, thrilled & very eager to start! The practice I am working in has 11 locations!
Louise Boyd, MNT, Chicago IL

Stacy Lancaster
I became an MNT and work for a podiatry practice part time and still work in the spa also. I have marketed my certification and am slammed with clients! I work 6 days a week and really should give up the salon—but I am really busy there and love my clients, also! It is also complicated by another practice trying to “steal” me from the first one! What a dilemma to be in! Life is good.
Stacy Lancaster, MNT, Indian Trail, NC

Audrey J Jefferson                                                                            I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate this class. It has taken me to a high level of excellence in my career. I thank you for establishing such a class for nail technicians - we totally need it!!! I am so ready for overflow, overflow of financed, & to help other nail technicians to get to another level in nail technology.....

Audrey Jefferson, ANT, Houston, TX

Cindy Edwards                                                                                    I really found the course enjoyable and informative. I would tell anyone that asks about it that they should take it. It's very advanced and makes you feel confident to change. My boss is selling my new skills already. She is shopping for an autoclave to move to the next level!

Cindy Edwards, ANT, Toronto, Ontario, CA, Central Beauty Salon

Karyn Sicker                                                                                       I loved the program! Still debating on taking the MNT, but I don't want to work in a Podiatrist clinic, just want the knowledge for myself!

Karyn, Sicker, ANT, Smile Lines, Peterborough, ON, CA

Michaele A Crawford, DPM

The MNTs are working out great. I am on the hunt now for a 3rd technician. We were just interviewed for the local newspaper and that has kept  the phones ringing for the last two weeks - which is amazing in January in Pittsburgh.

Michaele Crawford, DPM, Butler, PA, The Medi-Pedi Foot Spa

Samantha Levine

Janet, I would call you but I am too busy changing lives! Improvement in their foot and nail care does that for so many people! Your course set me apart from the other technicians in West Palm, for certain, and since I am so busy, we are raising my prices. I love my MNT pin and wear it every day, but I LOST it! I know I can replace it, but still, until then, UGG. How do I get a new one?

Samantha Levine, MNT, Kaffee's Garden Spa, West Palm Beach, FL

Tracy Cole

The knowledge I learned from the program has been life changing in my profession. Information about pressure calluses, strapping and other treatments has helped me educate my clients on what podiatrists may do/do for different kinds of painful feet. The pictures and information on cancer encouraged me to send a client to the podiatrist - he found it to be pre-cancerous and removed it.

Tracy Cole, MNT, Elements and Elements 2 Oasis, Jonesboro, AR

Tina Porter

I enjoyed the ANT training. I have to tell you, I hated doing pedicures prior to taking the class due to the negativity surrounding the service. But  after taking the class, I decided it was time for me to take a second look at doing pedicures. I now have decided that it will also be beneficial for me to take the MNT Certification. I have been going over and over the ANT Modules so the information will be fresh for when I take the MNT. I am really eager to get to it.

Tina Porter, ANT, San Jacinto, CA,

Dionnie "Dee" Walker, M-ANT, MNT, CCPMA, Clarksville, TN

Below please find information related to the 'PodoExpert/Onyfix Certification PowerPoint and Precertification Test For Gatlinburg 2021'


(Exceptions will be made to early signups on a case-by-case basis)

Follow this step by step Process for either product for the Gatlinburg Nail Tech of The Smokies Show in Gatlinburg, TN

Step 1.

Order either the PodoExpert Kit or Onyfix Kit at this order link

Step 2.

As soon as possible and prior to the Gatlinburg Conference, view the PodoExpert and or Onfix Precertification Presentation(s) (registration link below) at site and take the applicable pre-certification test(s) online for the products you purchased.  It is essential to watch these presentations and take the test(s) to be ready for the hands-on training in July. Note that you must be registered on the MLC site to enroll. 

Step 3.

Sign up for the Medinail Session at the Gatlinburg show. 

At the Gatlinburg Conference, Instructor Lorri Ducharme, MNT will present a 3-hour hands-on training for certification. Materials will be reviewed in class and live demos will be given on the Onyfix® Hard & Soft Composites as well as complete product knowledge and demonstration of application for PodoExpert Professional Foot Care products. Attendees will then apply Onyfix® Hard & Soft Composite on each other to complete requirements before certification can be obtained. Attendees will receive their PodoExpert and Onyfix certificates and official certification number to reorder.

Step 4.

For anyone who was not able to attend the show or did not take advantage of show prices or training and then decided to purchase product and get trained, Email Dr Spalding at and he will arrange for you to be contacted by Bree Wright, RN to see her virtual webinar and get your certification and reorder number for your product line you purchased. Be Sure to use the discount code MediNails at that time.

About the course and kits

This course is Free to participants who have purchased or are planning on purchasing a PodoExpert or OnyFix® kit. You must purchase kits no later than April 30th and the kits will be shipped to the event classroom.

DISCOUNT: An exclusive 5% discount is available the Medinail audience, discount code 'MediNails' in your ordering form and type 'Gatlinburg' in the subject line in the purchase order form or email so we know you will be attending the training there

Both kits can be ordered through Dr Zuckerman using this order form:

At any time after the event, mention you are a MediNail graduate by using the discount code MediNails in your ordering form and you will receive a 5% discount on the cost of either kit. 

Questions and Contact

If you have any questions about this workshop, or how to purchase the kits, please contact Dr Zuckerman at Dr. Robert Spalding at or Lorri Ducharme at