FAQs Medical Nail Technician Program

MNT logoWhat are the prerequisites for taking the MNT Program? The student must be a licensed nail technician or cosmetologist prior to purchasing the program and have taken the Advanced Nail Technician Program either in the purchased ANT/MNT Program or individually as the ANT Program. We allow other individuals to take the ANT/MNT programs but unless you are a licensed nail tech you may have to be certified with an alternate title.

Describe the MNT program. The MNT program is a self-paced, online program packaged for sale with the prerequisite ANT program or purchased individually after taking the ANT certification. The MNT Package is 10 modules of the ANT and 10 modules of MNT information. It requires passing of required MNT exams (2), and the accomplishment of an Internship prior to certification. The program can also be purchased individually after passing the ANT by calling 423-805-7966.

How long does it take to finish the MNT? The time depends on

  1. the student’s computer and internet capabilities,
  2. the time available to the student to spend on the program,
  3. the commitment of the student, and
  4. the accomplishment of the Internship.

The average time is 1.5-2.5 months plus the Internship. Many have taken it in less time; others have taken longer.

What does “self-paced” mean? A self-paced program is taken at times chosen by the student. Length of attendance of each module is also the decision of the student. No specific requirements are set for attendance except for the restriction to six months for completion. This restriction is imposed by the software, not MLC. If longer time is required, if or after being shut out, call 423-805-7966 for guaranteed reimbursement.

Can a nail technician that is working full time and has additional responsibilities take the program and finish? Most of our students fit these criteria and still accomplish the program due to their commitment to their goals. Conversely, it seems those who have few responsibilities take the longest to finish the program.

How difficult is the program? This program is NOT an academic program, it is an awareness program. We did not design this program for memorization of facts to be tested on and then forgotten. We intend to change your professional practices and awareness and professionalism, not put un-usable words and skills into your head. For these reasons, we do not have a set time for finishing, allow unlimited time for taking the online exam, provide Study Questions, and focus the questions on usable information. Any difficulty is easily countered by a commitment to the program, we are told. Also, it is said by students that those who take the program within a shorter amount of time and complete the Study Questions do best in passing the exams.

How do I sign up for the MNT? Click on “Enroll,” or “Purchase the Program” and you will be sent to the payment location to pay for the program. To purchase the MNT, you must enroll from an MNT page or take the ANT first and then call 423-805-7966 for a separate invoice for the MNT-only modules.

What is the tuition for the MNT? The bundled ANT/MNT program tuition retails at $598.00 but MediNails runs specials from time to time. The MNT if taken separately after first purchasing and taking the ANT, the tuition is $320.

Is there a payment plan for the course(s)? Yes. After clicking on Enroll or Purchase the Program on the site, you will be directed to a location for full payment of that program or are able to sign up for the payment plan.

I  am a certified ANT and have decided I would like to take the MNT also. Can I purchase the MNT modules to complete the CMNT Program? Yes, you can, but we do not sell the MNT modules separately online. To purchase them call 423-805-7966. You will then be invoiced for the remainder of the ANT/MNT Package tuition and you can proceed to pay it just as you did before with the ANT Program.

Is there a textbook required for the MNT program? No.

What do I tell a person inquiring about the MNT Certification? “A Medical Nail Technician is a licensed nail technician who has completed advanced training in techniques to perform cosmetic pedicures safely on clients who are chronically ill. The Certified MNT or CMNT must work under the direction of a podiatrist or in a medical facility and cannot practice medical services procedures in a salon.”

Does the Internship have to be done in one week/five days? It can be one day a week until the 40 hours are completed, one five-day week, or any configuration the technician can arrange with the podiatrist. It is the intern’s responsibility to negotiate the schedule requirements with the podiatrist. However, the New    Virtual Internship Program (VIP) is now available for those MNTs interns who cannot find or afford the travel expenses or income loss for a week. Contact Dr. Spalding or Sheryl Morgan directly, if that is what is desired at DrRSpalding@gmail.com or Sheryl Morgan the MediNail Administrator/coordinator at SherylMorgan59@gmail.com or call 423-805-7966. The VIP is located on this site for purchase and immediate enrollment to complete your MNT certification requirement for an internship.    

Am I paid during the Internship? No.

Who is responsible for my getting an Internship? MLC strongly supports and highly recommends the future MNT acquiring an internship with a local podiatrist in their immediate area for their Internship through mentoring and guidance in development of a presentation package to take to the offices. We want you to develop a local relationship with a podiatrist to refer to and receive referrals. A module on how to acquire an Internship is at the end of the ANT program (Module 11, Internship Information) and explains the steps towards getting an Internship. It has produced results for the graduates universally. If an MNT wishes, Dr. Spalding is available for an MNT to have an Internship experience in his office or take advantage of the new Virtual Internship Program (VIP) that is now available for those MNTs interns who cannot find or afford the travel expenses or income loss for a week. Contact him directly, if that is what is desired, at DrRSpalding@gmail.com or Sheryl Morgan the MediNail Administrator and coordinator at SherylMorgan59@gmail.com or call 423-805-7966. The VIP is located on this site for purchase and immediate enrollment to complete your MNT certification requirement for an internship.  

After I finish the program, when do I get my MNT certificate? The MNT certificate and the pin are sent to the student only after: he/she passes the exams, the Internship is finished, and the Skill Log is sent to a listed email to signify completion of an Internship, and the $15 Certification/Scope of Practice Fee is invoiced and paid on the web site. Certificates are not automatically sent following the program until all information is received at the designated email address (SherylMorgan59@gmail.com).

Is a Job Board available for graduates? Yes, the tab is on the home page. Both ANTs and MNTs can sign up to seek employment; salons, spas, physicians, and clinics can sign up to seek an employee, also.

Are there other opportunities for our graduates than those mentioned in the program? We are hearing of more opportunities every day for our MNTs. Physicians working with diabetics or other chronically ill patients become interested in hiring our graduates after they learn of their capabilities; specialists such as dermatologists, diabetic specialty clinics and others are interested in our graduates. Hospital diabetic and podiatry clinics are hiring our MNTs for their foot care clinics. Nursing homes and geriatric centers advertise for our graduates. We suggest the MNTs take their presentation to those for whom they wish to work and educate them on the work they can do for them and their patients.

Why is this certification of a higher caliber than most? A high-level certification contains

  1. knowledge acquired in a structured educational program,
  2. includes exams for confirmation of learning,
  3. if a skill is involved, it includes extended hands-on experience, such as a structured Internship Program
  4. has an available endorsement by a recognized and respected professional organization.

The Medical Nail Technician Program accomplishes all these requirements for certifying nail technicians to accomplish the skills important for working with patients/physicians.

The MNT graduate can apply through reciprocity for the ACMFCE Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant Certificate after completing the program.

Who is the ACMFCE? The American College of Medical Foot Care and Esthetics (www.ACMFCE.org) is a national academic society of Podiatrists, MDs, DOs and other health professionals who advocate Higher National Standards for routine foot care. The graduate MNT is eligible through application for the Certified Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant program or CCPMA. The CCPMA program does not have to be purchased or attended because the information for that credential is recognized by the ACMFCE as being in the MNT program. The difference lies in the addition of cosmetic information to the Certified Medical Nail Technicians program or C-MNT. For information, see www.acmfce.org.

How do I acquire the additional certification by the ACMFCE? Go to the CCPMA page to learn more. Apply for the CCPMA certificate, as instructed. You will be directed to send them your signed Skill Log to prove an Internship or sign up for the Virtual Internship Program (VIP) and pay for the application and then take a 20-question bridge exam - the MNT Program contains the information. Upon passing the exam, the Certified Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant (CCPMA) certificate will be awarded.

We understand that you may have many more questions. If so call 423-805-7966.