Dr Robert Spalding, CEO of MediNail Inc, Author of Death By Pedicure and owner of Area Podiatry Inc near Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Bree Wright RN, CFCN, Provincial Advisor for Saskatchewan for the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses (CAFCN)

The MediNail foot care nursing (FCN) program is a 15-module online course involving both theoretical instruction and Virtual Internship Program (VIP) clinical-observation.

The following topics will be addressed regarding foot health:

  • Purpose of foot & nail care including changes due to chronic disease and aging
  • Infection control including autoclave standards & guidelines with information on using the newest advanced disinfection & antiseptic agent, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL)
  • Foot care terminology
  • Safe and appropriate use of Nursing foot care instruments including the electric file
  • Anatomy and physiology of the lower leg, foot and nail
  • Foot and nail conditions including definition, cause, prevention and treatment.
  • High-risk foot conditions and appropriate assessments
  • Diabetic foot care including the complications & effects of the disease process
  • Documentation and the retention and storage of medical files
  • Biomechanics of the lower leg and foot with clinical implications
  • Introduction to the foot care interdisciplinary team and their areas of specialty
  • Padding techniques
  • Footwear and Compression therapy
  • Proper ventilation by Aerovex, electric file dust extraction systems, COVID 19 protection
  • Radiographic techniques for the FCN
  • Skin care for Chemotherapy patients
  • Certification of current evidenced-based technologies: Onyfix & PodoExpert

The nurses taking this program will be shown the foot care process including how to obtain consent, pertinent medical history, physical assessment, risk assessment, sensory testing, how to recognize and address educational deficits. They will have a good working knowledge of the foot care tools (nippers, splitters, scissors, curette, black’s file, diamond deb file, monofilament, and rotary instrument) and how to provide safe, appropriate foot care. They will receive instruction on the newest and evidence-based technologies to provide safer and more effective care for their patients.

This program is designed to provide nurses with the education, knowledge, and skills necessary to improve the foot health of individuals in their community.

The MediNail Online FCN training is available 24/7 for your convenience or work schedule and is the most complete online FCN course in the US. Graduates of the FCN Course are certified by MediNail and the American College of Medical Foot Care & Esthetics (www.ACMFCE.org)

Contact Information
Contact Dr. Robert Spalding at DrRspalding@gmail.com or Sheryl at Sherylmorgan59@gmail.com or call 423-805-7966 for more information on US FCN program enrollment questions and Bree Wright, RN for Canadian FCN enrollment questions at 306-684-0723.