Hiring a Medical Nail Technician, a state licensed nail technician or cosmetologist who is trained to trim toenails, reduce calluses and nail thickness, and perform cosmetic pedicures can enhance your income, relieve you of many non-invasive services, and bring in new patients.

Robert Spalding, DPM, treats many patients in his practice who have developed foot problems that likely have been caused by poor infection control in nail salons. Instead of condemning the technicians and industry, however, he began to train and advocate for their performance of good infection control practices. In doing so, he began to see the potential for having trained nail professionals in podiatry offices.

Nail technicians are licensed in every state to trim toenails, reduce calluses (without blades), reduce nail thickness and to recognize "out-of-normal" nails for referral to podiatrists. Nail Technicians can perform (cosmetic) pedicures in podiatry offices to reduce the routine foot care load for the physician.

The Medical Nail Technician Program of Medinail Learning Center is the result of Spalding's advocacy and it trains nail technicians in the skills and information to support them working safely and effectively in podiatry offices.

Following are some interesting materials to support the hiring of an MNT in a podiatry practice:

In Podiatry Today, Why You Should Add A Medical Nail Technician To Your Practice­, by Robert Spalding, DPM, VOLUME: 22 PUBLICATION DATE: Aug 01 2009, by Robert Spalding, DPM

This article discusses the benefits of hiring a Medical Nail Technician to counter the overwhelming amount of routine care in practices, to add cosmetic services for their at-risk patients, and to bring cash services into the practice.


“The following link is to a CDC study that provides support for keeping our patients out of  nail salons that hire many nail technicians that may or may not perform perfect infection control,” says Dr. Spalding. “For the safety of your patients, click on this link.”

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Customizable promotional materials such as a letter to send to your patients, sample ad and press release, post cards, and much more are available to Podiatrists who hire an MNT.

Want more training for your assistants? Check out the ACFAOM Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant Program

This Program provides important background and training for your Podiatry Assistant; this program brings her to an even higher level of competency in supporting you at the chair. The program is 10 modules of online information, plus a structured Internship that you can provide. It is credentialed by the American College of Foot and Ankle Orthopedics and Medicine (ACFAOM)

This program contains clinical, not office information. Modules such as Dermatology Diseases and Disorders, Biomechanics for the PMA and 8 other topics of information bring performance of podiatry assistants to the highest level possible, and allow them to support your success at the chair with ease.

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