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Job Offered: Become a PODIACURIST

Open to certified: ANT

Location: Orange County/Newport Beach, CA

Must be willing to relocate to Orange County/Newport Beach, Ca
Want to expand your career, gain increased self-esteem, salary, benefits and career opportunities.
To become a Podiacurist you must have passed the ANT and MNT program, and have 5 years of Podiatry office experience, have great hand eye coordination and a desire to provide the highest and best care to our patients.
Upon successful completion of our training program you will be eligible/ hired on at our practice located in Newport Beach, California.
The program includes 400 hours of hands on training and supervision under renown podiatrist Ivar E. Roth DPM/MPH who will train you in using podiatry tools and instruments.
As a  Podiacurist you are an employee of the practice and work under the supervision of a podiatrist much like a dental hygienist. You will be debriding nails and cutting corns and callouses.
The Podiacurist will take care of at risk patients with foot and nail conditions such as diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, cancer patients, wound care patients as well as patients desiring a medical based pedicure.
Prior training as a pedicurist/manicurist is a plus.
Please contact our office and ask for Dr. Roth to get more details.

To apply please contact:

Added: Thursday, June 26, 2014, 5:58 PM

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