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Companies and Organizations are Supporting MediNails by Offering their Clients Discounts on Their Products!!!
by MLC Staff - Monday, October 19, 2015, 4:15 PM

Many companies/organizations believe safety is important to being successful in the nail industry and are discounting their products to technicians and salons who take the MLC Programs.               

Light Concept Nails - Every LCN client that purchases the Advanced Nail Technician Program will receive a $50 credit on their next order!

ASCP Insurance Discount for Nail Techs/Salons - If the purchaser is a graduate of the Advanced Nail Technician Program ASCP offers them a $20 reduction in premium. Also, ASCP members will receive $50 off the ANT Program!

International Pedicure Association - Members are now enjoying a 10% discount off any Medinail Learning Center Program and Medinail graduates receive 33% off the IPA membership.

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