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Changes at Medinail.com
by Admin User - Saturday, May 23, 2015, 8:57 AM

There are many changes taking place at Medinail Learning Center!

First, Janet McCormick will be leaving Medinails to pursue other opportunities. We are very thankful for the years that Janet has provided great information to the Medinail community and wish her the best of luck. Therefore, because of the transition, the present ANT course will be moving to Janet’s website within the next 30 days. Medinails will be adding a newly updated replacement for the ANT in the next 30 to 60 days.

We are working hard to make this a great and smooth transition. It will not affect any of the ANT/MNT or PMA certifications that you have already received. If you are enrolled now and want to complete the ANT under Medinail Learning Center to receive the Medinail certificate, you need to get your exam taken within the next 30 days. Otherwise, you will just finish the present ANT at your own pace on Janet’s site and you should not really notice any change.

We have some of the most exciting and new things coming to the industry! Medinail’s new replacement course will be offered to nail techs as well as others in the medical field that will get you ready for the MNT course and certification. There will be more information on that in the near future, possibly at the Premier show in Orlando.

Then, the Safe Salon Rating accreditation will become an available module on the Medinail site.
Next, Bako Pathology Laboratories, the most respected dermo pathology lab in the US with special emphasis on lower extremities, is offering through MLC multiple CEU modules to our graduates for free.

Also, ASPEN laser systems will be partnering with MLC to offer free laser training modules for our graduates. Completion of this module will allow for the first time a special discount for nail techs to purchase and own a laser. Laser purchase may require physician supervision or direction. ASPEN will be with us in the booth at the Premier show in Orlando to answer questions on laser training with a special FDA multi approved laser for pain, nail fungus and other special applications.