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MediNail Electric File Safety Profile Class
by Dr. Spalding - Thursday, April 7, 2016, 7:18 PM
MediNail Learning Center announces the nail industry’s first Certification for Aseptic E-File Profiles. This online course is a must-have for Nail Techs wishing to offer Safe & Aseptic Services for their clients. Certification is obtained by completing both segments of the course. The practical training that is required for course completion & full Certification is available at trade shows, or by special arrangement. Completion of the Aseptic E-File Profiles module is required prior to the practical training, and is found on the MediNail site. Aseptic E-File Profiles – Module 1, Course Fees: •Non-Medinail Graduates: $99.00 •Medinail Graduates: $50.00 The separate Practical E-File Module 2 is available 1.At various seminars and Nail Shows throughout the year 2.The Annual Medinail Safety Summit each year in Chattanooga 3.Local or regional groups can arrange 10 students or more. Aseptic Efile Profiles Practical– Module 2, Course Fees: •Non MediNail Graduates: $99.00 •Medinail Graduates: $50.00