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Education, The Gift That Keeps On Giving
by MLC Staff - Monday, October 19, 2015, 4:15 PM

Medinail Learning Center is offering friends, family members and colleagues the opportunity to give courses as gifts through purchase of a gift certificate on the website.

November 1, 2013, Chattanooga, TN –Medinail Learning Center, Chattanooga, TN has added the capability to purchase gift certificates to their web site, www.medinail.com. The gift certificates offer friends, family members and colleagues the opportunity to purchase MLC advanced programs for their favorite nail technician. The online MLC Advanced Nail Technician, Medical Nail Technician and American Foot and Ankle Orthopedics and Medicine Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant Programs are available for purchase through the gift certificate tab on the site.


Medinail Learning Center (MLC) offers continuing education programs online for nail technicians and cosmetologists to support their incorporating advanced practices into their nail services. MLC offers three programs, the Advanced Nail Technician Program, the Medical Nail Technician Program, and the Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant Program. The courses are designed to take these practitioners to a higher level of success in their careers as well as to train them to perform services more safely on chronically ill clients.


The Advanced Nail Technician Program is specifically designed to support salon-based nail technicians in providing the ultimate level of safety to their clients and to upgrade their skills to where podiatrists and physicians refer their patients to them for nail services. The program is online only and is 10 modules of information. An online exam follows the modules and upon passing, a displayable Advanced Nail Technician Certificate is awarded the attendee. The ANT-C-trained nail technician is the highest educated salon-based nail technician in the nail industry. These technicians and the salons they work in can market their education to several groups of people who have formerly been told not to have salon pedicures. Podiatrists  and physicians send their patients to these nail technicians because the ANT-Cs know what to or not do during pedicures to keep chronically ill clients safe from infection transfer and injury.


The online Medical Nail Technician Program is the ANT-C Program plus a ten module program to learn to work appropriately in a podiatry office. This nail technician takes further online exams and experiences an internship in a podiatry office at the end of her program. The internship trains the technician to work in a podiatry office performing pedicures on the practice’s patients or to work directly with the podiatrist as a podiatry assistant. Many salon-based nail technicians complete the CMNT Program to gain further education and to demonstrate to their clients through marketing the certification that indicates their completion of an advanced specialty program. A CMNT is eligible through application for the American College of Foot and Ankle Orthopedics and Medicine Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant Certification (CCPMA).


The ACFAOM CCPMA program is a ten module program designed to provide the podiatry or medical assistant the background needed for performing efficient chairside support for the podiatrist. Topics such as Biomechanics, Dermatology of the Feet, Wound Care of the Feet and more are offered in the program. Upon completion, the CCPMA is awarded a displayable certificate to indicate the completion of a specialty program in podiatry by the assistant.

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