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GRADUATES of the Medinail Learning Center Programs

Listed on a companion page are the graduates of the Advanced Nail Technician Program, the program for salon-based nail technicians, and the Medical Nail Technician Program, the program to prepare nail technicians for working within the medical community. The graduates have taken these program(s) to acquire more information for a higher skill level. The Advanced Nail Technician Program is a prerequisite for the Medical Nail Technician Program.

Certified MNTs are eligible for the American College of Foot and Ankle Orthopedics and Medicine Program certificate for Certified Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant (CCPMA) through application and do not have to attend the program. See www.acfaom.com.

Podiatrists: ANTs and MNTs are trained to perform safe pedicures, with additional training in how to perform services on chronically ill clients such as diabetics. Podiatrists can recommend salons where ANT graduates work and have confidence their patients will be safe during pedicures. Also, the CMNT graduates have a solid background in podiatric information that will enable them to work well in your office with patients. These graduates are committed to maintaining absolutely safe conditions during their services. Autoclave sterilization of their instruments is an example of the standard they are taught to maintain the level of safety in pedicures for the chronically ill. If you have further questions, call 423-805-7966

The Graduates are listed in their State of residence and work. The States are in alphabetical order. Their work location may or may not be listed with their names. 

Graduates: You are responsible for the accuracy of your listing; you must notify us of needed changes. 

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