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More Eyes

Complementary Course

Exciting upcoming course being provided complementary by Dr. Bryan C. Markinson, DPM to the students of the MediNail Learning Center. And up today to be notified the moment this informative course is available.


MLC Advanced Nail Technologist

The M-ANT course (reg. price $159) is for salon-based nail technicians working to be the best in their professions by studying online & on the go, on any device (tablet, computer, or phone). For a limited time, we are providing access to the first three modules FOR FREE and enrolling is only $99!


Medical Nail Technician

MNT certified nail technicians have options. Many salon-based technicians become a CMNT to enhance their knowledge and increase their marketability to new clients.

Clinical Foot Care Nurse Program

Enroll in Certified Clinical Foot Care Nurse Program

With this training RNs have an opportunity to learn important clinical skills that will bring them to a higher level of clinical expertise!


Enroll in the CCPMA Program

Have an opportunity to learn important clinical background information that will bring them to a higher level of clinical expertise in performing their jobs.

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    From Dr. Robert Spalding President of MediNail Learning Center ( www.MediNail.com ) RE: Towel Warmers leading to Lawsuits MediNail.com advises if you are using towel warmers of any type to perform soak less, waterless pedicures or even pedicure tub hot water soaks, be sure to check the temperature settings for any client with any form

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  • New Complementary Course Now Available – More Eyes on Melanoma

    The MediNail Learning Center is excited to announce a complementary course from Dr. Bryan C. Markinson, DPM called “More Eyes on Melanoma”. To enroll, please click below: About Dr. Bryan C. Markinson, DPM Dr. Markinson is a 1981 graduate of the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. He completed a Podiatric surgical residency at the

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  • Introducing the MediNail Masters Course

    MediNails is extremely proud to introduce 12 MediNail Master’s Certification Program Course Modules for graduates of the MediNail Advanced Nail Technologist (ANT), Medical Nail Technicians (MNTs), Clinical Certified Podiatric Medical Assistants (CCPMAs), and even for continuing education (CE) for Foot Care Nurses (FCNs)

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