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About Us

The Medinail Learning Center (MLC) was founded by nail industry and foot care specialist Robert Spalding, DPM, a professional committed to the advancement and empowerment of his profession. (For more about his background, see Faculty.)

MLC’s goals are to develop mastery of knowledge and skills, to promote safe delivery of effective services, and to establish collaborative partnering with the medical and other communities.

Medinail Learning Center provides courses for Four groups of foot care professionals: Nail Technicians, Podiatry Assistants, Medical Assistants and Foot Care Nurses.

Nail Technicians! The nail technician courses on are designed especially for the licensed nail professional who is seeking to attain a higher level of success by transitioning into exciting new levels of care.

These courses enhance the knowledge and skills of nail technicians in addition to adding potentials for expansion of their success and career possibilities. Incorporating this information into their business brings nail technicians to a new and higher level of expertise and success in their profession, a level never before achieved.

Two courses are available for Nail Technicians:

  • The Medinail Advanced Nail Technologist Program is for salon-based NTs who wish to upgrade their information and to be known for having a higher level of expertise and safety. This information will support the addition of new clientele in numbers never before experienced by nail technicians if the suggestions are implemented.
  • The Medical Nail Technician Program is for NTs who wish to work in a medical setting. This course provides the information to bring a nail technician to the level needed to work with high success in this professional venue. This nail technician performs cosmetic care in a salon-licensed room in a podiatry office or in a foot spa or medical spa. Many of their clients are chronically ill and need safe pedicures to maintain good health on their feet. The Medinail Advanced Nail Technologist Program is a pre-requisite and is included in the tuition for this Program. The MNT is also eligible, following the completion of the courses, passing the exams and attending the Internship, to apply for the Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant Certification awarded from the American College of Medical Foot Care and Esthetics (, a National Association of Podiatrists and other healthcare professionals promoting higher standards in routine foot care.


Podiatric Assistants! Few structured courses are available for Podiatry Assistants and many podiatrists and assistants have requested a Certification course that provides a solid basis of practical information for working assistants.

  • The Certified Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant (CCPMA) Program contains background information needed for optimally and safely working at the chair with their podiatrist; this program does not contain office practice information. It reduces the initial training time of chair side assistants and greatly enhances their work skills. Topics included in this ten (10) module course include OSHA and Infection Control, Dermatology of the Feet, Biomechanics of the Feet, Foot Exam and Routine Foot Care, and other targeted topics. Upon completion of this program the Podiatric Medical Assistant has displayable proof, through certification, that he or she has studied and passed an advanced program containing information needed to effectively and safely work in a Podiatry office! This program is credentialed through the American College of Medical Foot Care and Esthetics (, a national educational association of podiatrists, allied health professionals and MediNail Learning Center (MLC)s.


Medical Assistants! The Clinical Podiatry Medical Assistant Program is available to Medical Assistants who wish to expand their current information to include foot care knowledge. Medical Assistants tell us that their prior training “stops at the ankles” and that this program provides the information they need to successfully work more effectively in long term care, podiatry offices and clinics. This program is credentialed by the American College of Medical Foot Care and Esthetics (, a national educational association of podiatrists, allied health professionals and MediNail Learning Center (MLC)s.