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Benefit Yourself and Others From MediNail Training

    You are a MediNail graduate. You worked hard and sacrificed financially to achieve your MediNail Certification. MediNail wants to reward you for all your hard work protecting the public through your Advanced MediNail Education with our new MediNail Affiliate Program or MAP which is now being BETA tested. All MediNail graduates and anyone else who is trying to protect the public from pedicure nightmares should benefit from MAP with their efforts to educate the public with MediNail Training.

    Your participation in MAP can make a huge impact to the US Nail Salon Industry, expand your client base safety, and put real money in your bank account.

    As you may know already, you can now join the MediNail Affiliates Program (MAP) and create a unique link that allows to share our profits with you or anyone signing up to get Advanced MediNail Training. MAP marketing includes all graduates, salon owners, nail school educators and owners or anyone else interested in promoting salon safety like your clients, medical professionals, medical educators and others who are educators.

    Simply post your unique MAP* link on any of your personal websites and share the MAP link with your friends on FB, Instagram, Twitter accounts with a public message that nail techs need to practice their profession at MediNail levels that do not just meet but exceeds state standards with autoclaves, aseptic care and prevention of spreading airborne disease and contaminates.

    Please sign up to MAP and let others know about MediNail Education Modules and get rewarded at the same time for your advice

    *Important: MAP does have strict guidelines to prevent Spamming or prevent any attempts for mass mailing beyond your circle of friends unless you place ads with appropriate disclaimers.