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Medinail-Advanced Nail Technologist (M-ANT)

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Medinail-Advanced Nail Technologist (M-ANT) Course

MANT Introduction

Module 1: The Crisis in Nail Salons

Module 2: Salon Micro Trauma

Module 3: OSHA

Module 4: Supercharge Your Infection Control Part 1

Module 5: Supercharge Your Infection Control Part 2

Module 6: Diseases and Disorders of the Feet

Module 7: Autoclave Procedures and Spore Testing

Module 8: Pedicures on at Risk Clients (not patients)

Module 9: To Pedicure or Not to Pedicure

Module 10: The Science of Pedicures

Module 11: Nail Techs Saving Lives: Defusing the Time Bombs in Salon

Module 12: Scope of Practice Issues and Written Referrals to Physicians

Module 13: Chemicals and Dangers in the Salon

Module 14: Marketing of Your Salon and Safe Salon Rating

Module 15 Final Exam, Resources, and Links

Marketing Materials

These materials can be used to help market your Nail Salon and Office. Download them and modify as needed.

Internship Materials

These materials are to aid you in obtaining and completing an internship which is a requirement for the Medical Nail Technician Certification (often the next step for M-ANT students).

Course Instructor

evans evans Doctor of Podiatric Medicine