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Setting Up Your MediNail Graduate Listing

    If you have completed a MediNail Professional Certification, you are able to join our MediNail Graduate list! Below is a helpful article to learn more about the graduate list feature within the MediNail site. 

    About the Graduate List

    The Graduate List provides a comprehensive list of all of the graduates from the MEDINAIL program, all across the United States and the world.You can visit the grad list by going to the “graduates” tab in the top website menu. Here and you can shareyour location with the MediNail site and this will actually geocoordinate all of these listings in relation to where you are at physically. So you’ll be able to see other graduates and their location.

    The benefit to having a listing on the MediNail site is so that you can make connections with other professionals in the nail tech and footcare nurse community. We frequently have employers listing job opportunities onto the site and by having a listing, you may have a prospective employer reach out!

    Activating Your Graduate Listing

    Setting up your graduate listing is simple, simply go to the top navigation and click on the dropdown that says “Get Added to the Graduate List” or by clicking the link below. There is a video that walks you through the entire process available as well below:

    To get started you need to log into your MediNail account, if you are unsure what that is, it’s the student login you use to access your account. You can also reset your password by hitting the forgot password button below to recover your account.

    In the title, you can put in your name or the way you would like that to show on the front end of the site. You can also put in a brief little description of yourself, as well as putting in things like images, text, links, and a summary. You can also make this to where other people can claim your account in the future. This is if you got locked out of your graduate listing and if you’d like to have someone else reach out to MediNail to recover your account. You can put in your website link, which can also be Facebook page. To complete your account, you can put in an email address as well as a profile picture.

    Adding Your Location

    The address that you put in your listing is visible to the general public. We have created this tool to be a great way for potential employers to find certified nail technicians and foot care nurses. Please be mindful of what address you share to the general public, our recommendation is to share either your place of work or putting a map pin in the direct middle of the city center that you work (or would like work).

    You’re All Set!

    Once you have submitted your listing, the system will authenticate your completed courses and attach that to your new graduate listing. Please note that the system may take up to 72 hours to fully populate all of your professional certifications publicly to the site.