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Module 2 Study Questions

  1. Define Salon Micro Trauma.
  2. Define Iatrogenic Injury
  3. What is a Nail Tech?
  4. Define Pedicure.
  5. What client should never have a massage?
  6. Name ways to improve skin
  7. What is the single most dangerous item ever used in a salon?
  8. What are not considered intact skin?
  9. Minor injuries may not cause blood because of what?
  10. Why are there so many infections in a salon?
  11. Define stratum lucidum
  12. Where does SMT occur?
  13. What instrument can create the most injuries?
  14. Define Hyponichium
  15. What are nail techs never to invade?
  16. Where a currett should not be used?
  17. Shaving creates what?
  18. Do not shave for how long before having a salon service performed?
  19. Where do most bacteria lie on the body?
  20. The entire US cosmetology disinfection procedure is written for what kind of skin?
  21. Why are at-risk clients susceptible to infection?
  22. How do you care for a wound that might be caused in a salon?
  23. What should all areas be wiped with after a salon skin removal service to avoid infection?

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