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CCPMA Recertification Exam

This 20 question recertification exam will re-confirm your knowledge of the Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant Course and its assessments.

Membership Instructor

Dr. Robert Spalding Dr. Robert Spalding Doctor of Podiatric Medicine

Dr. Bob Spalding is a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine with a degree from The New York College of Podiatric Medicine and has a podiatry practice in Signal Mountain, TN since 1998. Dr. Spalding is regularly consulting as a podiatric medical forensic expert and or testifies in nail salon lawsuit injury cases. As a former paramedic, a former law enforcement officer and a former local politician, Dr. Spalding is spearheading a bill for a local, state and federal grants or tax deductions for updated sterilization, ventilation & foot care education in medical facilities and salons.

CCPMA Recertification

2 years of access