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M-ANT Instructor’s Course


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The MediNail Certified ANT Instructors Course is Now Available Online.  For Decades MediNail graduates have been begging for an MediNail online ANT Instructors class that would offer the ability for the MediNail Graduate to teach others with a full integration for the ANT student to get hands on training with Autoclaves and e-file exposure. 

For decades, MediNails has had many corporate events with several conferences, seminars and shows in the past where we have offered this Hand On ANT autoclave and e-file exposure training at a corporate level.  Many beauty/cosmetology/nail schools over the years have shown interest in acquiring MediNail ANT Training but when it comes to making the investment in autoclave and e-files with PES vacuums most have fallen short. 

However, the instructors of these schools still wanted to teach their students the MediNail principles and safety protocols but failed to get the support of the school.  Now every Qualified MediNail graduate anywhere in the US can instruct and provide ANT Hands-on education and the MediNail Client Protective Safety Philosophy to their students anywhere or anytime of their choosing.  What is best, the ANT Instructors Course is the most affordable course in the MediNail Inventory of online modules.

Now qualified MediNail ANT instructors are the ones who directly benefit by sharing their education with others and realize all the instructional revenue for the Hands-on Component of the Class.  To become a MediNail Certified ANT Instructor, you must have successfully completed the core education from to include the ANT, MNT and the Master’s courses which are also the most affordable online courses of that type in the nail industry. 

Normal Cost is $59 for the Certified ANT Instructors Online Course Component but with the “MediNail” $10 off coupon code word it is only $49. Now there is no excuse for anyone with a passion to teach other nail techs and cosmetologists the best ways to protect your client base, make good money for just a few hours work and change the nail industry at the same time.  We invite you personally to participate in the MediNail Challenge to improve and change the Nail Industry forever.

Membership Instructor

Dr. Robert Spalding Dr. Robert Spalding Author

Dr. Bob Spalding is a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine with a degree from The New York College of Podiatric Medicine and has a podiatry practice in Signal Mountain, TN since 1998. Dr. Spalding is regularly consulting as a podiatric medical forensic expert and or testifies in nail salon lawsuit injury cases. As a former paramedic, a former law enforcement officer and a former local politician, Dr. Spalding is spearheading a bill for a local, state and federal grants or tax deductions for updated sterilization, ventilation & foot care education in medical facilities and salons.