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Certified Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant Program

Podiatry Assistants are valuable and necessary support for the podiatrist in a podiatry office. Assistants are taught the “how-tos” of working as a member of the team with the podiatrist. They are the third and fourth hands of the podiatrist when working with patients. Now they have an opportunity to learn important clinical background information that will bring them to a higher level of clinical expertise in performing their jobs.

ACMFCE Certified Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant Program

SALE $599.00

The ACMFCE Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant Certification Program (CCPMA)

Are you a podiatrist who would appreciate a higher level of knowledge and clinical skills for your Assistant? Do you hire Medical Assistants that do not have the important information for working with podiatric patients? If so, this program is for your Assistant.

This program consists of ten online learning modules (audio and visual) with online exams after the third and the final modules. After passing the exams, an Internship in a licensed podiatrist’s office is required and usually provided by the student’s employer podiatrist. On receiving verification that the student has had instruction on particular skills and finished the Internship program, a Certificate is awarded and sent to the new Certified Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant (CCPMA) by The American College of Medical Foot Care & Esthetics (ACMFCE).

The American College of Medical Foot Care & Esthetics (ACMFCE) is a professional society of multidisciplinary licensed doctors, health care professionals, esthetic professionals, foot care manufactures and foot care educators dedicated to excellence in medical and esthetic foot care as the cornerstone of contemporary professional practices. The College has reviewed all aspects of the Medinail Learning Center’s training program for podiatric medical assistants and has adopted this program as its own certification program for Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistants. The ACMFCE Board of Directors oversees the education of clinical podiatric medical assistants through the Medinail Learning Center and constantly monitors its educational quality, creates the required examinations, and issues its own certificate to candidates who have proven fulfillment of the requirements.

The program is purchased online for $749.00. A $150 fee discount is available for Assistants taking this course if they are sponsored by an ACMFCE member.

Podiatry Assistants

Are you an assistant to a podiatrist? If you are a new assistant, this program will provide you the needed background knowledge for working with patients plus provide the information to support your learning of the skills needed to work safely with a podiatrist.

If you are already a trained Podiatry Assistant, this program will provide you the information you need to support the work you perform, setting you at a higher level of knowledge. After you take this course you will understand patient conditions more completely, perform routine foot care under the direction of a podiatrist, perform a superior level of infection control, and feel more confident in your work. Also, you will have a displayable Certificate awarded by a prestigious national podiatric medical society to confirm you have studied and been tested on advanced information in a specially designed program for Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistants.

Medical Assistants

Are you a Certified Medical Assistant working for a podiatrist and have found that your education does not include sufficient information concerning working with the feet? This course will provide you with the expanded information you need when performing patient foot care and increase your value to your employing Podiatrist.


Tuition for the Certified Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant (CCPMA) Program is $599 and is paid online by clicking on enroll below. Payment plans are available only through Paypal. 

ACMFCE Certified Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant Program

SALE $599.00

Membership Instructor

Dr. Robert Spalding Dr. Robert Spalding Author

Dr. Bob Spalding is a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine with a degree from The New York College of Podiatric Medicine and has a podiatry practice in Signal Mountain, TN since 1998. Dr. Spalding is regularly consulting as a podiatric medical forensic expert and or testifies in nail salon lawsuit injury cases. As a former paramedic, a former law enforcement officer and a former local politician, Dr. Spalding is spearheading a bill for a local, state and federal grants or tax deductions for updated sterilization, ventilation & foot care education in medical facilities and salons.