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CCPMA Recertification Test


Category: Membership: CCPMA Recertification

1 review for CCPMA Recertification Test

  1. Sharina McNeil

    Can’t find the test no confirmation
    Website needs updating!!

    • Erin Beckett-Gland (verified owner)

      Hi Sharina,
      I am so sorry you are not able to find the CCPMA Recertification test. I have a couple of questions for you. Did you add the CCPMA Recertification test to your cart and pay the $75 to enroll in it? If you already did that, then did you refresh the page and look under “My Courses” and see it listed there? I have taken it myself recently and it is no longer available to enroll, but it is listed under My Courses. Please email Sheryl at if you are still having difficulties in completing your Recert Exam.

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