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Dionnie “Dee” Walker

Thank you for the amazing program…The training program is remarkable and highly recommended for every Nail Tech to upgrade their skills. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to be trained at Dr. Robert Spalding’s headquarters. His staff is unified and supportive!

Dionnie “Dee” Walker, M-ANT, MNT, CCPMA, Clarksville, TN

Allison Nachman

Thank you!!!! Great stuff!!!!! I am so excited that falling asleep at night has been difficult. I cannot thank you and Dr S enough for developing this program so that I could have a new career. I know it will work out to be a great success for me.
Allison Nachman, MNT,  East Brunswick, NJ

Clarise Moldawski

I feel so confident in my profession as a nail technician now that I have completed the Medical Nail Technician Program. I learned so much in this course and it has exceeded my expectations. The course provides important information nail technicians need to know but are not taught in school. The education I gained from this experience is crucial to my profession, I believe; I wish all nail technicians could enroll in it to improve their knowledge and expertise. I cannot thank you enough, Dr. Spalding, for giving me the necessary skills I needed to boost my career. I am extremely proud to say that I am a Medical Nail Technician.

Clerice Moldawski, ANT, CMNT, CPMA, North Myrtle Beach, SC

Carolina Craciun

Thank you so much for all the valuable information I’ve gotten while preparing for the certificate! It made me revise some of my practices and to tell you the truth, little bit paranoid 🙂 
Carolina Craciun, ANT, Beacon Falls, CT

Claudia Cox

I would recommend this course to any nail tech. This was a turning point in my business. It provided me the ability to set myself apart from the typical nail salons in my area and I have the respect of podiatrists who now send me clients. Lots of clients. It’s been great for my career! 
Claudia Cox, MNT, owner, Claudia’s Nail Niche, Sebring, FL

Elizabeth Bechwith

Oh my gosh, I absolutely love the MNT. I get paid an hourly rate, I have full benefits, I get to assist the Dr.s on things that I would never have the opportunity to in the salon side of things, the Dr.’s have paid for my continuing education, and the best part of it all is that I never have to fight for a clientele. I was never financially secure in the salons because there is just too much competition.
Elizabeth Bechwith, MNT, Converse, TX

Julie Costello

I really appreciate everything you and Dr. Spalding are doing!! This information is so long overdue! It should be required for all nail tech’s. 
Julie Costello, ANT, MNT, CPMA, Monroe, MI

Karyn Jones

Thank you so much for the opportunity to take this course. I’m so excited and so happy with everything I’ve learned. Thanks for making and offering such a great course!
Karyn Jones, ANT, Peterborough, ON, Canada

Kelly Bertha

Very good information. The book and course have so much information and enlightened me on a lot that I was not doing. The courses really made a difference. I have not only learned this information but made changes in my salon. I have taken in consideration every technique used in these courses. There were many things taught that I feel the State Board should require as part of the rules and regulations.
Kelly Bertha, MNT, Goodwater, AL

Linda Clawson

The Medinail course has built my clientele by giving me credibility with podiatrists who now refer their patients to me. I learned how to build a relationship with podiatrists in the area in the course and how to recognize foot problems that need to be referred to them. My clients trust me more because of the knowledge I learned from the Medinails Advanced Nail Technician course.
Linda Clawson, MNT, Georgetown, TX, Helena’s DaySpa, Round Rock, TX

Louise Boyd

Thanks again for all your help, this has been a wonderful opportunity & has certainly started me off on a very rewarding new career path. I am very excited, thrilled & very eager to start! The practice I am working in has 11 locations!
Louise Boyd, MNT, Chicago IL

Stacy Lancaster

I became an MNT and work for a podiatry practice part time and still work in the spa also. I have marketed my certification and am slammed with clients! I work 6 days a week and really should give up the salon—but I am really busy there and love my clients, also! It is also complicated by another practice trying to “steal” me from the first one! What a dilemma to be in! Life is good.
Stacy Lancaster, MNT, Indian Trail, NC

Audrey J Jefferson

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate this class. It has taken me to a high level of excellence in my career. I thank you for establishing such a class for nail technicians – we totally need it!!! I am so ready for overflow, overflow of financed, & to help other nail technicians to get to another level in nail technology…..

Audrey Jefferson, ANT, Houston, TX

Cindy Edwards

I really found the course enjoyable and informative. I would tell anyone that asks about it that they should take it. It’s very advanced and makes you feel confident to change. My boss is selling my new skills already. She is shopping for an autoclave to move to the next level!

Cindy Edwards, ANT, Toronto, Ontario, CA, Central Beauty Salon

Karyn Sicker

I loved the program! Still debating on taking the MNT, but I don’t want to work in a Podiatrist clinic, just want the knowledge for myself!

Karyn, Sicker, ANT, Smile Lines, Peterborough, ON, CA

Michaele A Crawford, DPM

The MNTs are working out great. I am on the hunt now for a 3rd technician. We were just interviewed for the local newspaper and that has kept  the phones ringing for the last two weeks – which is amazing in January in Pittsburgh.

Michaele Crawford, DPM, Butler, PA, The Medi-Pedi Foot Spa

Samantha Levine

Improvement in their foot and nail care does that for so many people! Your course set me apart from the other technicians in West Palm, for certain, and since I am so busy, we are raising my prices. I love my MNT pin and wear it every day, but I LOST it! I know I can replace it, but still, until then, UGG. How do I get a new one?

Samantha Levine, MNT, Kaffee’s Garden Spa, West Palm Beach, FL

Tracy Cole

The knowledge I learned from the program has been life changing in my profession. Information about pressure calluses, strapping and other treatments has helped me educate my clients on what podiatrists may do/do for different kinds of painful feet. The pictures and information on cancer encouraged me to send a client to the podiatrist – he found it to be pre-cancerous and removed it.

Tracy Cole, MNT, Elements and Elements 2 Oasis, Jonesboro, AR

Tina Porter

I enjoyed the ANT training. I have to tell you, I hated doing pedicures prior to taking the class due to the negativity surrounding the service. But  after taking the class, I decided it was time for me to take a second look at doing pedicures. I now have decided that it will also be beneficial for me to take the MNT Certification. I have been going over and over the ANT Modules so the information will be fresh for when I take the MNT. I am really eager to get to it.

Tina Porter, ANT, San Jacinto, CA,